Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Alligator River Story

This story is about a woman named Abigail, who is desperate and in love. She wants the chance to be reunited with her lover, Gregory. The only thing that separates the two is an alligator filled river. When her friend, Ivan, refuses to help her across, she is then faced with a boat captain’s offer. In order for Captain Sinbad to help Abigail across the river she would first have to perform intercourse with hem. At first, Abigail refuses the offer but then decides to take the boat captain’s offer. Once Abigail is reunited with her lover, Gregory, she confesses her wrong doing. Gregory gives Abigail the boat and she is left heartbroken. She then tells her other friend, Slug, about what had happened. Being the compassionate friend, Slug beats Gregory brutally while Abigail watches while laughing.

The person that I would choose as number one is Gregory, the boyfriend. I respect him the most simply because of the way and manner that he handled Abigail cheating on him. There were so many other ways that the story could have portrayed him with anger. Instead, he simply refused her love and sent her back to the other side of the river. He did it with respect and good taste.

Abigail’s friend, Ivan, gets my number two on the respect scale. He did not play much of a roll in this story. Being a friend, I would have hoped that Ivan could have helped Abigail get across the river. When Abigail came up to him for help he simply did not want any part of it.
Slug gets third on the respect scale. I do not care how compassionate he was for Abigail. It does not give him the right to take it upon himself and beat anyone up because of Abigail’s broken heart. The fact that he did this knowing what she had done makes the situation even worse. When Abigail was laughing and cheering while Gregory was being beaten, Slug should have opened his eyes and realized that she did not really love Gregory in the first place.
Number four spot goes to Sinbad, the boat captain. This man does not deserve any respect. This whole situation that Sinbad started was what we call an "Indecent Proposal." The moment that he requested for Abigail to have sex with him before taking her across the river showed that he did not have respect for her. Some people may call this situation sexual harassment or prostitution.

Abigail reaches the five on my respect scale. Five may be higher on the number scale but it is the lowest on the respect scale. Abigail took me by surprise. When beginning with the story I felt sorry and desperate because all she wanted to do was get to the love of her life. She could not cross the river by a bridge because it was under construction, she could not swim across the river because of the alligators, and her friend turned her away for his own reason. When Captain Sinbad told her his price for taking her across the river, she should have stuck with her first answer, no. No matter how strong you declare your love, it does not exist if you are willing to have intercourse with another. Abigail cheated on the love of her life in order to get to the love of her life. It just does not make sense. If cheating was not enough for her, then she cheered when the love of her life was getting beat up. What kind of respect does she deserve?


Angela said...

Pass- I enjoy your thoughts on the story. Remember to place spacing between Ivan rating, Slug's rating and Sinbad's rating. Very good blog entry structure.

sabria said...

Pass. You had some really good reasons to why you rated the characters. I agree with you. Your only mistake was not spacing between paragraphs. Other than that it was great.

G. R. Lucas said...

You are still not linking back to the topic. Overlooking this costs you points.

Celestine said...

I think there are missing content in the story. Gregory didn't listen to Abegail's story at all. On analyzing we should know at least a short background of the characters.

Anyway, that's the common analysis on the story especially in the community setting.